Junior Challenge Autumn U16

City and ice hall: Mogilev (Republic of Belarus), City Ice Hall

Dates: October 28-30

Age: 2006

Rules and Regulations for all tournaments:

IIHF Rules Each tournament will contain 6-10 teams from countries such as Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland.

Each team will partake in minimum of 5 games, and a “Super Skills Contest”. Each game will consist of 3, 15 minute periods.

A win in regulation results in 2 points, a loss 0 points, and a tie 1 point. In the case of equal point totals for two or more teams, the advantage is given to the team with the best goal differential in the tournament.

In tournament playoff stage, in the case of a tie, there will be a 3 player shoot out.

As part of the tournament, there will be a “Super Skills Contest” where winners of each event will receive a prize.


Teams that take the first, second, or third place get medals or cups. There will also be the best player of each game awarded, most valuable player of the tournament, the best forward of the tournament, the top scorer of the tournament, the best goaltender of the tournament, and the people’s choice award.


Games will have 2 referees minimum, sanctioned by the FHRB.


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